PJSC Gazenergoservis is interested in attraction of highly qualified and talented specialists. Our Company invests into employees and encourages their aspiration to the permanent self- development and to the professional level increase. The enterprise appreciates the orientation to results achievements, self-starting, the ability to study and to implement the obtained knowledge in practice, adherence to corporate traditions and values.
All initiatives and innovations aimed to improve management and production activities find support of the PJSC Gazenergoservis administration. One, who wants to reach success and clearly apprehends his role in the Company business development, could rely on the support and the understanding of the management.
The main HR policy aims are:
-attraction and adaptation of specialists and managers;
-development and career;
-motivation, including encouragements for the personal contribution to the team result.
Currently there are 3000 specialists of the PJSC Gazenergoservis corporate group working throughout different regions of Russia. The Company considers its employees as common business partners, the team of like-minded people targeted to the common purpose realization.
You may reach success in our Company if you have merits as follows:
-The skill of the team work;
-The ability to rationalize your idea, position;
-The striving to perform responsibilities professionally, to propose creatively different decisions;
-The wish to help your colleague and to do your best to resolve the problem appeared.
The advance up through the job ladder inside the Company depends on professionalism and skills of our employees. In case the vacant position appears we primarily consider candidatures of our employees whose potential allows them to hold higher positions.
It is suggested for every employee as follows:
-the possibility of sustainable career;
-internship and work in a dynamic friendly environment, benevolent collective;
-competitive salary/reward;
-voluntary health insurance.
Specialists interested in working in PJSC Gazenergoservis could send their CV for the HR department to the e-mail box: Your CV will be included in our base and in case new positions appear we will contact you.