Open Joint Stock Company  "Gazenergoservis" is a subsidiary of OAO "Gazprom" and includes in "Gazprom tsentrremont" holding. Open Joint Stock Company  "Gazenergoservis" is one of the leading Russian companies engaged in maintenance and repair of rotating equipment of gas trunk pipelines compressor stations and other facilities of oil and gas industry.

      The Company today – is good-tempered group of machine-building and servicing branches equipped with high technology, modern equipment, experienced personnel, capable to complex solution of most complicated proplems.
     JSC “Gazenergoservis” consists of more than 10 daughters, both – branches and limittd liability companies such as:
     -  Turbodetal factory
     -  LLC “Zavod Rotor”
     -  LLC “Bryansky Zavod Turboremont”
     -  LLC “Schekinsky Zavod RTO”
     -  “Mokveld – GES”
     -  LLC “Bryanskgazenergjservis”
     -  LLC “Podvodgazenergoservis”
       Research and technology department, separate branch located in city of Bryansk, makes provision with technical support, development of new production (including reverse engineering), appliances, tooling, and technology. The branch is fully computerized and equipped with modern CAD/CAM systems.
      The majority of equipment under Gazenergoservis maintenance are gas turbine driven gas pumping units. For provision of full options service and overhaul of mentioned equipment the company produces wide range of spare parts, such as:
     -   Turbine rotor and stator blades
     -   Axial compressor rotor and stator blades
     -   Impellers
     -   Complete rotors (starting turbines, centrifugal compressors, pumps)
     -   Nozzles, diaphragms
     -   Shroud-blocks
     -   Combustion area components
     -   Journal and thrust bearings
     -   Seals (labyrinth, honeycomb, sleeves, etc.)
     -   Shaft couplings
     -   Fasteners
     -   Mechanical rubber
     -   Spiral-type gaskets
     -   Filters
     -   Precision cutting tools
Factory overhaul of subassemblies and complete units:
     -   Industrial gas turbines up to 10 MW
     -   “Centaur” & “Saturn” engines of Solar
     -   NK-12-ST power turbine
     -   Starting turbines (different types)
     -   Turbocompressor rotors
     -    Power turbine rotors
     -    Centrifugal machine rotors
     -    Shrouds, diaphragms, casings
     -    Heat exchangers
      We also provide with rehabilitation of blading and hot area parts of gas turbines by means of different kind build-up welding, high temperature soldering, and others.
      In the past, within the state program of import replacement in maintenance of “Gazprom” fleet of GE MS 3002 & MS 5002 which is the biggest in the world, Gazenergoservis on reverse engineering basis has developed production of spare parts for mentioned gas turbines. Today Gazenergoservis factories produce all mechanical parts necessary for overhaul of MS 3002 & MS 5002 gas turbines.
     Servicing branches of JSC “Gazenergoservis” provide with following activities:
     -    Maintenance and overhaul of main and auxiliary equipment of oil and gas pumping stations at site
     -    Erection, installation commissioning
     -    Inspection and diagnostic of rotating equipment
     -    Inspection and overhaul of sub water pipelines
     “Gazenergoservis” subsidiaries are equipped with the modern equipment and technological support necessary for production of parts and overhaul of components and complete turbines, including:
     -    Any kind of machining (including 5-axis machining centers, profile grinding etc)
     -    Spark erosion machining
     -    Investment casting
     -    Coating (different types)
     -    Heat treatment (vacuum, gaseous medium, HIP)
     -    Welding – argon-arc, microplasmous, high temperature soldering
     -    Balancing
     -    Overspeed test
       We are in permanent process of upgrade of our production in close cooperation with OEMs and servicing companies – world leaders of gas turbines and compressors production such as Iskra, Salut, Aviadvigatel (Russia), GE Oil & Gas (Italy), Solar (USA), Doncasters, MAN Turbo (Germany), John Crane, Wood Group (Great Britain), Elbar, Mokveld Valves (Netherlands), Precicast (Switzerland) and others.
       Production and services of JSC “Gazenergoservis” are also in demand outside Russia. Many famous companies such as Iraqi Ministry of Oil, National Iranian Gas Company, Uztransgaz (Uzbekistan), Intergas – Central Asia (Kazakhstan) are our firm customers. Long-term agreements for supply of “Gazenergoservis” production for Mokveld Valves (Netherlands) and MAN Turbo (Germany) are currently in force.
      Quality Control System meeting to modern requirements is successfully applied in the company. All subsidiaries of JSC “Gazenergoservis” are certified according to standard GOST R ISO 9001-2001.