Our technologies
      Subsidiaries of PJSC “Gazenergoservis” are equipped with necessary equipment required for high quality products corresponding to up-to-date standards. Repairable component are to be cleaned by following means:
      -   High pressure hot water
      -   Sand-blasting
      -   Hydroabrasive
      -   Ultrasonic
      -   By trichloroethylene vapour
Raw materials going into production are tested at incoming inspection of:
      -   Chemical composition
      -   Geometrics
      -   Mechanical properties
Cutting of raw materials is carrying out by following equipment:
      -   Circular saws
      -   Band saws
      -   Torch cutting
      -   Gas-plasma cutting
      The company is equipped with wide range of metal-cutting machines (mostly with CNC), both multi-purpose and specialized. Existing equipment provides machining of components on laths up to 2400 mm dia., 15000 kg mass., on vertical turning machines up to 4000 mm dia., 30000 kg mass., boring up to 4000 mm dia., circular grinding up to 3000 mm dia.
      Specific shape parts such as blades, buckets, impellers are machined on multi-spindle milling machines, 5-axis milling centers, profile-grinding machines. Besides of traditional cutting methods we use other ones, electrical discharge machines, as an example. Gas turbine buckets are made of superalloys by means of vacuum investment casting. Molds are made on modern robotized ceramic shell production line. Existing equipment provides alloy pouring up to 150 kg. For protection of high temperature operating parts, we use different kinds of protective coating:
     -   Galvanic
     -   Ceramic slurry
     -   Ion-plasmous
     -   TBC
     -   Gas-plasma spraying

      Heat treatment is widely used in production including such processes as vacuum, protective media, HIP. Besides of traditional welding methods we use argon-arc, microplasmous, high temperature vacuum brazing. Different kinds of inspection are carried out at the different stages of production. Geometrics measurement is carried out on 3-D measuring machines.
       Non-destructive test includes:
      -   Penetration (luminescent) flaw detection
      -   X-Ray
      -   Ultrosonic
      -   Vortex-current