Limit liability company “Bryansky Zavod “
      Limit liability company “Bryansky Zavod “Turdjremont” located in city of Bryansk, is100% daughter company of JSC “Gazenergoservis”. This is machine-building plant, specializing in production of spare parts and overhaul gas turbines and subassemblies of “Gazprom” gas pumping units, both Russian made and imported.
The plant has been constructed and commissioned in year of 1985, as a division of production corporation “Soyusgazenergoremont” (now JSC “Gazenergoservis”) in order to provide with spare parts and overhaul of subassemblies of gas pumping units driven by MS5002 gas turbines of USSR gas pipelines.
      Now “Bryansky Zavod “Turdjremont” provides with full range of spare parts for different types of gas pumping and compressing equipment such as:
     -   Journal and thrust bearings
     -   Gas turbine stator vanes
     -   Labyrinth, honeycomb, sleeve types seals
     -   Gas turbine combustion area components
     -   Nozzles, diaphragms, shrouds
     -   Impellers, complete centrifugal rotors
     -   Fasteners
As well as overhaul of:
     -   Gas turbine blades and buckets
     -   Combustion area component
     -   Gas turbine rotors
     -   Centrifugal machines rotors
     -   Casings, diaphragms, nozzles
     -   Heat exchangers
     -   Power turbines NK-12ST
     -   Industrial gas turbines up to 10 MW.
       Besides of main production line the factory produces auxiliaries, tooling, precision cutting tool, gas distribution modules, powered bushing for repair of subwater pipelines etc.
       The factory is equipped with all necessary technological means both multifunctional and special. Along with machining, there are many specific processes such as welding, soldering, heat treatment, coating, using in production.
       Quality Control System is certified according to standard GOST R ISO 9001-2001, certificate K 05807 dated 05.04.2006.